The Vision Behind

SOLVER-AI, the brainchild of our founder Paolo Fantini, aims to democratize access to cutting-edge technologies. With a strong engineering background and a PhD in aerospace engineering, Paolo is an accomplished professional who has tackled complex engineering problems in various sectors, including aerospace and mechanical engineering. His roles have ranged from Software Development Manager and Architect to Developer, working on projects such as aircraft and turbomachinery design optimization.

Paolo's wide-ranging skills and technologies led him to create SOLVER-AI. His vision is to empower businesses to develop advanced decision-making, design, and control systems with minimal effort and cost. He is driven by the goal of helping businesses gain a competitive edge by creating efficient, effective, and environmentally friendly products and services.

At SOLVER-AI, we value customer feedback and collaboration. We listen to our customers' challenges and goals, partnering with them to find the best solutions. We believe that collaboration leads to better outcomes for everyone. We are more than just a platform provider; we are your innovation partner.

We invite you to learn more about Paolo below. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions - we'd love to hear from you!

Dr. Paolo Fantini

Founder and experienced Software Development Manager, Architect, Developer with a history of developing software tools and methods in the aerospace and mechanical engineering sectors. Skilled in several programming languages, numerical methods, frontend, backend, parallelization, cloud computing, IaC, ML, 3D, DevOps, complex UX, SDLC, CI/CD, People Management and Project Management. Strong engineering professional graduate from Politecnico di Milano in Aerospace Engineering, with a PhD from Cranfield University in Aerospace Engineering.