Using the Browsable API

This page provides access to our browsable API, allowing you to easily set up and test your computations. With our user-friendly interface, you can execute computations and visualize the results in a table format. This ensures that your implementation is correct and that you can quickly see the results of your work. While our platform is primarily designed for programmatic access, the browsable API provides a convenient way to interact with our system.

1 - Account Management

Create and manage your account and get a token for connecting your application to the API programmatically. Check your license status.

2 - Module Management

Create and manage the modules to be included in each problem.

3 - Problem Management

Create and manage problems, select the modules to be included.

Note: In order to move to the next step take note of the ID of the problem you want to execute.

4 - Problem Setup

Specify the problem to be executed in the following step.

Upon execution, credits will be deducted from your balance in milliseconds. The amount will vary based on the complexity and solution required.


5 - Problem Execution

Once the problem setup is complete click submit.

6 - Results

Display the results as a table.