Programmatic API Example

The programmatic example coincides exactly with the Browsable API Example. The code for the example can be downloaded by cloning the repository from More information on the Client API can be found here.

The example is provided in three different programming languages:

  • python
  • javascript
  • C++

The files implementing the examples are:

  • python: client/python/
  • javascript: js/example_getting_started.js
  • C++: client/cpp/example_getting_started.cpp

Implementation Description

The examples perform the full range of operations as described in Browsable API Example:

  1. Creating all of the required modules as described in Browsable API Example.
  2. Cretaing the Problem by means of class SolverAiClientSetup.
  3. Setting up the problem for execution by means of class SolverAiComputeInput.
  4. Executing the problem by means of class SolverAiClientCompute and obtaining results, returned as an object of class SolverAiComputeResults.
  5. Modifying the Equaiton module adding the battery_num, as describe in Browsable API Example.
  6. Executing the problem once again.
  7. Cleanup: deleting the problem and all the modules.

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